Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

'Morning! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
With a new year comes a new 'fresh' start for my Painted Fresh blog.
I attempted last year, and for whatever reason, just didn't follow through.  It's hard for me! I'll admit, I don't think I write so well - will someone read this? do I say too much, not enough?  will comments be nice? what if I break a rule? uh oh, are there rules?  hmmmm... did I prepare Hudson's lunch for school? Oh crap! it's what time? Mom, did you take your meds? where is my other shoe? and the car keys!!!  arrrghhhhhh! Bummer that laundry in the dryer will be soo wrinkled.

See what I mean? Then there are other domestic things to be done - you know. And all you bloggers have those capes - no one has shared with me how to do it all - how to get that balance.  I don't hate you, I just want to be you! :)
Now, I am just rattlin' on...

Feel free to assist me in this journey, new friends!  For now, it is time to get everyone dressed for Church! Maybe later I'll work on one of a few projects begging for attention...


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Welcome to blogland! I have been blogging for a year now and have a lil over 100 followers and a few that visit and leave comments.You have to get out there visit people often and they will well most will visit you in return.I find that popular blogs don't visit you very often or at all.People love projects, makeovers before and after can go to my blog and go through my blog roll and visit and follow others.Check out dreamy white,lola b's,abeachcottage they are pretty popular blogs.Some blogs take right off others don't.No rules really just be nice!Thanks for the visit & Happy New Year~Cheers Kim

Donna said...

Kim, thank you so much for stopping in and for leaving a comment!! (exciting!) I will certainly check out the blogs you mentioned - and of course yours!

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