Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Customization: painting and furniture (personal shopping and painting classes, too!)

Painting                                                                                                     Do you have a piece of furniture that has seen better days?  Maybe a piece that's been in the family for years, and has memories that you simply can not let go of.  All furniture isn't supposed to be a shade of brown!  The beautiful lines will remain, the memories will perhaps become sweeter once it is 'painted fresh'.   All pieces are unique - length, height, details; let's work together to create something that is just yours.  A customized color and effect that suits your personality, your environment and will make you smile each time you look at it!
Prices will vary (due to sizes and details) and the rates below are a starting point:
Furniture                                    Rate (*starts at)
dresser                                                 $150
chest                                                    $150
buffet/server                                         $150

desk                                                     $150
dining tables                                         $150
bed                                                      $165
bookcase                                              $245
china cabinets                                       $285
nightstand, coffee/side table                   $ 55
chairs                                                   $ 45

(price includes all materials)

personal shopping                                 $ 25
DIY classs                                             $ 75 per person (min 4 people, 2.5-3 hrs, includes all materials, you supply your small piece of furniture and location)

  *may decrease or increase depending on the size & style of the individual piece, the number of pieces, and the technique ordered.
~~return policy:  Each piece is hand selected and usually antique or vintage, naturally making it unique and sometimes rare.  custom painting adds another touch to make it specifically one-of-a-kind.  all sales are final.

Custom Built Pieces/Salvaged and Reclaimed Wood
Are you remodeling and want a new floor of say wide, old heart pine?  Want a wall of antique bead board, barn wood, cypress? Need a solid 50 foot beam, perhaps one that has been hand hewn?  Want a table with specific wood, a specific length, and maybe a pattern?  We are your starting point!  We work with a local company that allows us to bring our customers to their warehouse to actually see the wood and how it will be made into just what you request!  There is history galore behind the properties in which this wood once lived - some dates back to the 1800's! And boy do they have the wood!!!

Just email me and I am happy to provide you with information and help you make a dream come true!


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