Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday after the 'pickin'...

iron decor

lots of interesting colors were seen...
array of precious angels
old french candle chandy
hand carved wooden angel wings

love the detail of this solid oak claw-he belongs to a table that needs to be 'painted fresh'!

once 'painted fresh' this will be a BEAUTY!


antique tin pressed and hand hammered on wood

still on the truck - but look at the old barn wood!

sweet little table in need on some TLC!

detail of a framed mirror from the 1800's

salvaged barn wood made into a cabinet/bookcase/credenza

sweet bunnies!
and I am still super excited about all the good things we scored in Tennessee!
pictured are some things we purchased, and some we just thought were interesting.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

French Freshness!

A client brought his piece for me to 'paint fresh'.  She chose the color hazelnut cream and opted for no aging, distressing or glazing.  This piece will go in her home in Tuscaloosa, AL.



Simply beautiful!  I think Mrs. K will be pleased! 

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