Monday, January 3, 2011

dresser redo for my Mom

My Mom visits me alot - and I wouldn't have it any other way.  We are very close; and a little tid bit of info - we both had babies at the age of 40.
Anyhoo, we decided that Mom needed a proper place to keep a few things here.  Mom had admired this old dresser on several occasions - so Sunday after Church, I spent most of the day working on it.  And yes I forgot to take the 'after' pics until we had already placed it in the room, oops!

great piece, nice lines, beautiful wood

most of the real wood veneer was off or coming off, but I saw the potential

love the ochre color with the fiddes wax rubbed over!

original hardware

several layers of fiddes on the top to get that color just right

what do you think?

my precious Mom! 84 in a few weeks and still so beautiful inside & out!

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Sanctuary Home said...

AH-MAZING!!! Who would've thought that dresser could look sooooo good! You're a miracles worker. I've never heard of Fiddes. I have so much to learn.
Susan : )

shaejus said...

how did you repair the veneer, or did you just chip it off. the makeover looks amazing, but i wouldn't know how to begin to even that chipped veneer.

Patio Furniture said...

OMG! I though it was already a garbage, but you really made a awesome changes in that dresser. Great job!

Toddler Dressers

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