Thursday, January 6, 2011

tell me about it...

I would like to see some of YOUR before and after projects!  post some pics and tell a little about it!  It can be anything - from organization, fashion, art, recipes, classroom - whatever you did a little (or a lot) different, better or perhaps aspire to do...

I'll start. These are a few pics of a bathroom in our home.  This is STILL a work in progress for us, but at least I am super close to stamping "COMPLETE" on that project file!
the 'white' tile had been 'painted' a slightly different 'white
and began peeling! 

let the demo begin!
whew!  the really 'old' stuff

wow, the original pink tile!
progress - the permaboard is down

                didn't get a shot before we pulled out the yucky cabinet and faux marble counter...

trying out the pattern...

the nook

love this 'pencil' thin tile

my brother did all the tile work!
and I love the masculine hardware

love having two shower heads

The sink is now in and I have to do a shower curtain and some sort of window covering.   I'll post those pics - soon uhh, one day when I finally finish the project! :)

OK - so now it is your turn!


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