Thursday, March 10, 2011

summer dreamin'

It's March and in Bama, it should be warm enough to go out in a light sweater at the most.  It is 43 degrees today!!  What the??!  Light sweater my booty!  I got on my snow boots and ski jacket, and I am still cold!  At this rate I will never get all my projects done... and that just leaves me to dream.  Right now I am soooo dreaming of this...
 and especially this, I mean is there aNyThIng better than a {homegrown tomato}?

When I am not elbow deep in paint, I love to garden.  Flowers & veggies.  Thanks Grandma, for making teaching me to work in your gardens. I finally totally 'got it' in my late 20's and have LOVED everything about it ever since!  And I always, always think of you and wish you were still here!

But lately her in Bama all we are getting is something similar to this...
Come on spring!!  Don't just tease us with two or three days, STAY for a long while!!  We really love you and have missed you!

In the DECOR area, I am also dreaming of a new kitchen.  Something effortless, practical but fashionable, hard working, yet quaint - something that's just me...
Something with perhaps some of these elements
Salvaged Wood Kitchen
A sage-green island contrasts with ivory walls in this kitchen.

(all kitchen pics came from a web image gallery, I didn't see any credits noted... flowers and tomatoes are mine, grown in my back yard, by me)

Well, I am inspired! How about you?

Now, who wants to 'gift' me about $80, 000 to just hire someone to carry out my plans??
Oh, yeah, that's a dream too, like winning the lottery. 

Where do you go to get inspired when considering a kitchen update, re-do, partial makeover or complete gut?  I'd love to know, well cause... uhhh, I just can't stop dreaming about doing something to or with my sad kitchen...
Thank you for being here!  I really love it when you drop in AND leave a comment!


Allison {A Glimpse Inside} said...

Beautiful kitchen inspirations and I am so ready for spring as well! Thanks for linking up!

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