Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This ROCKS! **update!

I am so flattered!  This may happen to you guys, but ME? Seriously?  Shut the front door!!
It's like "you love me, you really love me"!! (now, become a follower, pretty please)  Think Oscars or CMA's here, red carpet, diamonds dripping from lobes, fingers, and toes, you  get it, right - only I am in a granny robe with total bed head and some serious morning breath!! Gosh, I really could've brushed my teeth, but that makes my coffee taste a little like Colgate...oh, back to this AWARD/FEATURE stuff...WHOOP WHOOP!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  This so ROCKS! and I feel so flattered and special and my hubby is telling me to calm down, it's too early and I think I'll dress up today, ya now, just in case someone might recognize me (snickers) and WHOOP WHOOP! ok, ok, but I am excited and very appreciative!!  I received two "Versatile Blogger's", a couple of "Feature" posts, a "Stylish Blogger", an "Inspiration" award and a "Spotlight" award - like all within a few days! Just can't stop telling you how stoked I am about this! My head is gonna be in the clouds all day!!

Here are the rockin' cool folks that "love me" at least this time! :)

Megs at This & That Creative

Denise at Extreme Personal Measuresnning

Sam at The Junk House

Jamie at C.R.A.F.T

Barb at Santa's Gift Shop & Ideas

Alaina at Hammer Time

OK, now with some of these awards, I have rules to follow!  No lounging, and sipping my champagne coffee to revel in the limelight of my distinguished fame.  I just can't stop can I?!
     The Rules:
1.  Thank and link back to the people who awarded you these awards. 
2.  Tell everyone 7 random facts about yourself
3.  Pass the award to 7 lovely bloggers
4.  Contact each blogger and let them know you have passed this award onto them 

Total Randomness about me:
1.  I have owned and l.o.v.e.d riding my Harley's! (had a sporster & a fat boy) but wouldn't do it now, since I am a Mom.  Being a Mom changed some of my perspectives
2.  No one ever gets my age correct.  I'm ok with that, but I don't get why people (girls mostly) never want to tell their age. It is an honor to have a birthday, that's the best gift - hello! it's from our Heavenly Father! who wants to be 21, 29, 39 forever?  Just tell the truth and be proud
3.  I use to barefoot water ski, so hard and so ruff, but such a high to have accomplished it and do it for an entire summer.  I would do it again, and again...
4.  Dr. Phil gave me a hug, and so did that cute son of his! So did Dick Clark, Reba, Kenny, Patrick Swayze, the list is long... (I lived in Nashville for over 10 years and was fortunate to run in great company for most of that time!) Shout out to my Nashvegas pals! xoxo
5.  I have drank tons of wine, some costing thousands, and a fav is a $20 bottle of Conundrum.  (thanks my pal who is a wine connoisseur/collector, love ya and your wine, but my wine budget is a bit smaller than yours)
6.  I typically have an iron stomach - except changing my son's diapers made me gag and once I really threw up... you really wanted to know that, right? ;)
7.  I love, l.o.v.e., love music and so wish I could {really} sing and play instruments, but if I sing in the shower the water stops.  I do sing loud and wildly in the car - all the time and now little guy does too! I know folks think we are wacked and that's ok - Life Is Good and he & I have a rockin' fun time!

#'s 3 & 4 of the rules will be posted soon...  I have to get busy creating, practicing my autograph, building something, picking out the perfect heels, painting furniture, oh what?  yep I heard right-little guy needs breakfast and he has to go to school, and now he is screaming from the bathroom - wanna guess what he needs?  Reality has returned, oh well, I wouldn't trade wiping his booty for nothin' else! (wellll, maybe that I would trade, but nothing else)

**and the awards pass on to these two great blogs:
     Lauren Lane Decor 

     Wide Open Spaces 

 go check them out...

If there is something else you want to know - just ask - I'm not real shy... never guessed that didya?
Peace & Love,

Go take a look at all the other AWESOME award winners on these blogs; the DIY's, ideas - just go browse around these blogs! You'll love 'em!  WHOOP WHOOP, ok I have to stop and get on with my day!!
*And thanks to my little rock 'n roller guy for inspiring me to create for him, and of course my handsome strong hubby who always supports my ideas-crazy successful or failed however they may turn out! :) 


Alaina said...

OMWord...Did you just really say, "shut the front door"?? Were we separated at birth??? That is so one of my saying's!!! :)

Megs said...

You so deserve it!

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