Wednesday, February 9, 2011

pantry LOVE

Today it is beautiful outside, brrrrr, cold, but with lots o sunshine.  And I have that yucky stuffy nose, scratchy throat, and the uuggghhhh, "just don't feel well" feeling.  Great, just great.  Like I have time to not feel well.  Really? REALLY?! 
So I got nothing from my stash for you today; however, drum roll...........I thought I would share a post that made me swoon...

Some time ago, I happened on this blog post by Emily at Decorchick, and ummm, let's just say I. fell. in. L-O-V-E!  Our kitchen doesn't have a true pantry, and I do miss that in a kitchen!
Don't you laugh at me and my pantry love!  Take a peek at this and then tell me, you too are in L-O-V-E, aren't ya?!  (thanks Emily!)

The Great Pantry Makeover (click to read entire post/see all pics)  

by Decorchick! 

Tell me, come on, you are in l.o.v.e aren't ya? It's ok, I'll bet there are a lot of us out there in love, right now, with this...

Pop over to Emily's to see the entire post, chock full of details!  Tell her I sent you!  
If only I had a pantry - I would soo rock it like this!!  Emily, you're an inspiration. Thanks for sharing on my blog! 
I feel a little better now. Oh who am I kidding, now I just have pantry envy...


Decorchick! said...

Aww thanks so much Donna! You're so sweet!!

Lindsay said...

Thought I would come say hello, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Her pantry looks great!! I just posted my pantry makeover reveal on my blog too!! Must be that time of year...everyone is getting organized!! :)

Sandy said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! This pantry rocks! Mine has those awful wire shelves and is just stuffed. Mine will never be a "cute" pantry. LOL!

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