Saturday, February 5, 2011

knock-off (pb, ballard, rh) books

I know you've seen them - and perhaps liked them, or not.  But you've seen them, right? the bundle of books with the covers removed, pages darker (than new books, anyhoo) and tied with a variety of twine with the price of anywhere from $18-$39 for a bundle of 3 or 4.



Well alllllrightee then!  I made my own...  FREE!

 I really love your comments! Please leave one!   ;)


Amanda said...

They look awesome! What a frugal and fun way to decorate, great job!

Bonita said...

Very original!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Love these! And they are indeed up my alley, although I've never done it yet. I just hate to ruin a good vintage book! Issues.. :)

Very funkified indeed!

Sanctuary Home said...

I think they're awesome, but I too have issues with ruining a perfectly good book. I wish I could!
Susan : )

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