Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Woody, Buzz, Jesse - my Toy Story Art

My little guy is obsessed loves all things Toy Story; and I'll admit all three are great movies and the toys are cute.  Just sometimes I am over it with the jumble of every toy (Toy Story, Diego, Batman, Backyardigans, Super Why) & color & size and no real scheme to making all of these fit into something, well, uhhh, pleasing to the adult eye??
Don't get me wrong I love an eclectic look.  Not a "wow, that looks flea market" or a "does she ever organize the child's play area" look. I am always looking for things to grow with him in his bedroom and currently temporary playroom.  And I have a space that needs another piece of art in his bedroom.
We don't have a 'theme' in my little guys bedroom - he has a sleigh bed, a dresser, nightstand and lovely art.  It is not an adult looking room, but it doesn't scream toddler either.  One of the most expensive pieces of art in his room (in our home) is an original, hand-stitched, painting by Valgardur Gunnarrson; a remarkable artist in Iceland.  (I was lucky to have purchased this many years ago when he had a show at a gallery in Nashville, TN.) 

 And in his 'play' area, practically anything goes for now.  Oh no, we have designated the once formal (personally I have never liked a formal living room, must I wear Dior or Valentino just to sit in there? not my style) living room as his 'Play Room'!
Yessssireee, right when you walk in our door BAM! Playroom!
My child and his ability to play, grow, learn wins out over my vanity to have a lovely, tiny bit glamorous, magazine worthy house, much less a room.  (I haven't the courage to post pics of the BAM! Playroom! -- yet...)
SOO! what I will do is post this little piece of that I did to go in his bedroom.  Thanks Stephanie!
It all started with these
to get to this!
spray the little fellas with this
so they look like this

I used equal parts of the staining antiquing and dark burnt umber and a few drops of the metallic champagne

using an artists paintbrush, heavily coat with the mixture, getting in all the groves, crevices

then with a sponge brush, wipe away excess, leaving enough dark for details to pop

I painted an old frame and used a mat from another old pic

the depth of the frame

left over candy - who wants it?

What do you think?  Are you going to do one for your kiddo, a friend?  Or do you want me to do it for ya? :)

(Maybe soon, I'll post the 'playroom' - it needs a makeover - maybe you can help by making suggestions!)

I love comments!  Leave me some comment love!  Thanks for stopping by!

And do stop by Stephanie's blog!!! She is awesome, sweet and soo very talented!


Christina @ The Tattered Tag said...

Hi Donna-

Your Toy Story art is so darn cute! I have featured you on my blog as the "New Neighbor on the Blog" Please drop by & grab a feature button, if you like. Also, would love to have you link more of your creative ideas to my blog bash K.I.S.S. :)

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Donna @ said...

Thanks Christina! I have been MIA for a while but ready to get back in the swing of things - if the weather will just cooperate! Cold & rainy in Bama...

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