Monday, January 10, 2011

just some snow & ice today...

So, no furniture or home decor posting today - just family & fun!
Snow and ice in Bama means no school, no work, lots of movies, lots of wii, hot chocolate, too much food, some great wine...oh, and some outside time.
Did I mention too much food and good wine?!
I won this 3L bottle as a door prize! YAY!  and ummm, the cork was a bit 'tuff' to remove!!!

a little skiing on wii mountain

we can't build a snowman, but you can eat a bit of ice...

an throw some ice,
frozen Camilla, hope it can bounce back
    more throwing of ice

the hubby & me
garden art - frozen
my little man being silly!

I feel blessed to have had a long weekend with my family and I loved spending all my time with them!  Wherever you are I hope you had a great day too!
Love & Peace,


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